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Mountain City (Evelyn Laeschke): The Black Rock Mountain is the highest state park in Georgia named for its cliffs of biotite gneiss, a dark-colored sheet silicate.

Black Rock Mountain State Park - RhododendronOverlooks provide plenty vistas to enjoy the scenery of the Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains into the neighboring states Tennessee, North- and South Carolina.

The popular yellow-marked Tennessee Rock Trail (2.2-mile loop) leads to the summit of the mountain (altitude 3,640 feet) along flowering rhododendron oaks and wildflowers accompanied by birds and butterflies.

The 17-acre Black Rock Lake, an attraction for anglers, can be looped on a 0.85-mile walking trail crossing Cricket Cove, Taylor- and Greasy Creek on bridges. A picnic area along the Taylor Creek invites for a break.

Additional trails are the James E. Edmonds Backcountry Trail (7.2-mile loop), the Ada-hi Falls Trail (0.25 mile one-way), and the Norma Campbell Cove Trail (0.10 mile).

The state park offers campsites, cottages, picnic shelters, a pioneer camp ground, and many nature photography opportunities.